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Marketing & communications. It's what I've been doing for the last 15 years in advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies & start-up environments. Here's my story.
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My career began in 2007 after I graduated from LSU with a Marketing degree. I started in public relations, which later evolved into advertising and copywriting. Then I took a leap into corporate communications for two global Fortune 500 companies. In 2019, my entrepreneurial spirit took hold of me. I've been providing a variety of marketing and communications services to clients in both B2B and B2C markets ever since.

My experience is in internal & external communications, digital marketing, website development, public relations, branding, advertising, email marketing, social media, advertising, creative and technical writing, and content management.

My strengths include my desire to learn and continuously improve, to think deep and remain curious, to take ownership of the things that matter to me most, and to create structure and organization.

My passion is - as evidenced by my LSU English minor - writing. But actions speak louder than words. And change is inevitable.

Diverse Industry Experience

Oil & Gas


Real Estate



Artificial Intelligence

 Food & Beverage



Non Profit

Event Planning

Human Resources

Health & Safety


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