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Introducing the MarCom Ops Solopreneur

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick.

I've jumped over many marketing and communications candlesticks in my day. In fact, I did some reflecting and figured out the following:

  • I've written content for 43 different clients in 20+ different industries.

  • I've used 8 different types of email marketing platforms.

  • I've worked on 6 different website & CMS platforms.

  • 21 social media platforms have gotten me to be a user/creator at some point. (Yes, this includes Myspace & LiveJournal.)

  • In some way or shape, I've been assigned as a MarComms lead or partner on more than 15+ projects involving marketing data, technology, integration, analytics, and reporting.

  • I've written content (think speeches, emails, etc.) for 5 different executives.

All of these different and diverse experiences have increased my knowledge to a point where I can confidently say I know what I like and what I don't like about certain marketing and communications systems, processes, and policies. (That's a definition of Marketing Operations often abbreviated as MOps.)

I can also say that I am someone "who builds, owns and manages a business and oversees all associated responsibilities with no employees." (That's a description of a solopreneur.)

Now, combine those concepts with general MarCom, an abbreviation for "marketing communications." MarCom creates targeted interactions with potential customers using one or more media, such as direct mail, newspapers and magazines, social media, and websites. A marketing communications campaign may use a single approach, but more frequently combines several.

Put all of those things together and voilà: the MarCom Ops Solopreneur is born.

Why should you work with a marketing solopreneur?

What's the benefit of hiring a solopreneur for your small, yet growing, business?

According to Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group, a "Proactive – Decentralized MOps capability is characterized by the understanding of the need to develop this capability but not yet having full commitment to a budget or function. This stage typically begins with a...insert MarCom Ops Solopreneur here instead...MOps manager working to build a small team that works to optimize various marketing technology investments and to become more efficient and effective in their technology use."

She goes on to say, "Some best practices emerge and foundational reporting develops. Some investment occurs. Recognition of what a full MOps practice can deliver in terms of value to the firm happens in this stage and sets up for the next stage."

Sounds amazing, right?

The other great thing about solopreneurship is having the ability to partner with other freelancers to stand up a MOps practice quickly. This also allows me to maintain my ability to interface directly with clients and serve as a single point of contact.

"Fiverr with a face," I say. Kind of the best of both worlds, right?


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