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Top 10 Marketing & Communication Blogs For Tools, Resources & Creative Inspiration

What are you reading these days to stay up to date on all things marketing and communications?

Someone asked so here's my answer. I hope you find this particular blog post as helpful and informative as my favorite blogs listed here for your convenience.

I've been following this blog - as well as the website - for many, many years. It's a great place for all things PR/Comms. They talk about the latest trends and challenges. It's also a great place for anyone dealing with crisis communications (which, nowadays that's pretty much everyone's #1 job.) They give big brand stories as examples of what to do and what not to do. That's just fun reading if you ask me!

Sprout Social offers a suite of social media solutions that supports companies in extending their reach, amplifying their brands, and creating real connections with their audiences. The blog is SO engaging on the topic of social media trends, behaviors, and future predictions. It's probably been my most go-to blog in recent months.

On the other side of social media is your website, and the Wix blog is a powerful place for all things relative to your .com or .org. They show off design templates, discuss brand identity, videos, website security, domain hosting, and so much more.

SEO! SEO! Here's your place for SEO! I am obsessed with this blog and company. They offer a wealth of information for all things search engines, algorithms, link building, and website traffic. They even offer detailed reports on Google search results. Plus, they offer tips, tricks, and templates for solopreneurs like me, showing you how to include SEO in your project proposals. (Yessss.)

The site says it all - here, you can find everything you need to know about PowerPoint, Google Slides, and professional business presentations. It's AMAZING.

This one is for my corporate friends, especially those that work in internal communications. (Doesn't everyone play a part in internal comms, too?) This fantastic company's measurement platform is dedicated specifically to employee communications. Therefore, the blog is all about topics like culture, human resources, leadership, measurement and strategy. These areas will forever hold a special place in heart. And so does their blog.

I media tools, benchmarking analytics, templates - you name it and HubSpot has it. They also write really engaging and inspiring content for social media managers. God bless them.

Looking to put on a flawless virtual event? Check out the Vimeo blog first because it'll save you from some of the most common and most embarrassing rookie mistakes. They really are experts on the video production and distribution scene.

Every creative needs a place for inspo. This blog is my absolute favorite for the artsy-side of marketing. They publish the Pantone Color of the Year (I'm personally loving this year's purple hue) and many other high-visual and appealing photos, graphic designs, and artwork.

This is a good and very technical blog about creating a great digital experience strategy. You'll get access to their webinars and conferences as well as thorough discussions around topics such as content governance, personalization, and optimization.

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